About Us

Battle-tested leadership.
Forged-by-fire technology.
We are Ignitarium.

Product engineering runs in our veins - hundreds of person-years' worth. Silicon design. Embedded systems. Mobility software. AI. From complete turnkey implementations to sub-component realisations, we have done it all. Or perhaps your next path-breaking product could benefit from some of our home-grown IP from our R&D Lab – The Crucible.
From expert design consulting to ready-to-deploy solutions. Ignition. Starts. Here.

Our Promise

To our customers

To our customers

To our customers

  • To be the most trusted, solution-centric and innovation-driven partner of choice in their product realization journey.
To our team

To our team

To our team

  • To help every team member build a successful and fulfilling career by providing an environment that promotes creativity.
To our society

To our society

To our society

  • To create a positive social impact through responsible and thoughtful application of technology.

Our Story

The genesis

In 2012, a group of senior engineers came together, united by their passion for applying innovative technologies in product engineering. They also shared the vision of a responsible, customer-focused and ethical organization… and Ignitarium was born.

The journey

Ignitarium was founded on a wing, a prayer, the goodwill of a few customers and a handful of commitments. The company’s transparent approach, trustworthy image of its founders, a reputation for mission-critical technical know-how, its responsive and supportive people, and empathetic relationships helped Ignitarium build strong bridges in the industry. Looking back - with the rapid growth and marquee clients in our portfolio today - we're probably doing something right.

The logo

Our logo represents a stylized Delta - the classical symbol for fire. The Delta logo is created from the amalgamation of smaller deltas signifying the stages of transition from spark to ember to flame to fire.


2012 2014 2016 2018 2020
2012 2014 2016 2018 2020
  • rocket symbol
    Dec : Founded in Bangalore
  • rocket symbol
    Feb : First (paying – yay!) customer signed up
    Sep : US office started
  • rocket symbol
    Seed R&D investment in Computer Vision & IoT
    Billion $ customer list reaches (a modest) 3
  • rocket symbol
    (still around)
    June : Kochi Design Center started
  • rocket symbol
    Jan : Dedicated R&D Lab (The Crucible) created
  • rocket symbol
    Apr : Adds Mobility business unit
    Nov : Customer list hits 25
  • rocket symbol
    (still around – yay!)
    ALT-i & TYQ-i products launched
    100th employee joins the Ignitarium family
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    of our future
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Leadership Team

Ignitarium - Team - SANJAY JAYAKUMAR

Sanjay Jayakumar

Co-founder & CEO

Founder and Managing director of Ignitarium, Sanjay has been responsible for defining Ignitarium’s core values, which encompass the organisation’s approach towards clients, partners and all internal stakeholders, and in establishing an innovation and value driven organisational culture.

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Ignitarium - Team - RAMESH SHANMUGHAM

Ramesh Shanmugham

Co-founder & COO

Co-founder and COO of Ignitarium, Ramesh has been responsible for global business and marketing as well as building trusted customer relationships upholding the company's core values.

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Ignitarium - Team - SUJITH MATHEW IYPE

Sujith Mathew Iype

Co-founder & CTO

Cofounder and CTO of Ignitarium, Sujith has been responsible for driving the technology direction for Ignitarium and for incubating new technology areas. Apart from establishing a compelling story in VLSI, Sujith was responsible for Ignitarium's foray into nascent technology areas.

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Ignitarium - Team - SUJEETH JOSEPH

Sujeeth Joseph

Chief Product Officer

In his role as head of products and solutions, Sujeeth is responsible for transitioning technology components incubated in Ignitarium's R&D Lab - "The Crucible" - into commercially viable use cases.

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Ignitarium - Team - Siby Abraham

Siby Abraham

Executive Vice President, Strategy

As EVP, Strategy at Ignitarium, Siby anchors multiple functions spanning investor community relations, business growth, technology initiatives as well as operational excellence.

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Ignitarium - Team - RAJIN RAVIMONY

Rajin Ravimony

Principal Architect

At Ignitarium, Rajin plays the role of Principal Architect for complex SoCs and systems. He's an expert in ARM-based designs having architected more than a dozen SoCs and played hands-on design roles in several tens more.

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Ignitarium - Team - SUJEET SREENIVASAN

Sujeet Sreenivasan

Vice President – Embedded

As Vice President – Embedded, Sujeet heads the Connectivity portfolio of Ignitarium. His responsibilities in his current role include working with Engineering, Marketing, Sales and Delivery to ensure flawless execution of customer engagements in the embedded domain.

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Ignitarium - Team - PRADEEP SUKUMARAN

Pradeep Sukumaran

Vice President – Business Strategy & Marketing

Pradeep is part of the business strategy and marketing team, with a charter to increase revenue in our core service areas in VLSI and Software.He has a special focus on generating sales pipeline for our IoT and Vision Intelligence products, working with world-wide field sales & partners in U.S, Europe and APAC.

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Ignitarium - Team - RAJU KUNNATH

Raju Kunnath

Vice President – Enterprise & Mobility

Raju has over 20 years of experience in the field of Telecom, Mobility and Cloud. Prior to Ignitarium, he worked at Nokia India Pvt. Ltd. and Sasken Communication Technologies in various leadership positions and was responsible for the delivery of various developer platforms and products.

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Ignitarium - Team - AZIF SALY

Azif Saly

Director – Sales

Azif is responsible for go-to-market strategy, business development and sales at Ignitarium. Azif has over 14 years of cross-functional experience in the semiconductor product & service spaces and has held senior positions in global client management, strategic account management and business development.

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